Dreaming with Eyes Wide Open
Is that the lucky flannel??



So I had a dream that went from being fantastical, to semi realism, that featured such guests as my friend Luke, my mom, my uncle Mike, Hugh Laurie, Gene Simmons, Elvira-esque lady, Nicki Minaj, and other assorted people.

I’d gone from traveling on some quest, t walking on old movie sets that were run down apparently? And then coming back to my old rental I used to live in, that my uncle apparently snuck in and used as a storage place, seeing he’d procured quite the collection of high priced items. I tried to show mom the worth but she wouldn’t believe me.

(´・ω・`) Keh-weeeehhhhhhh

How did you get so cute, Dan?

(●⌒∇⌒●) - you fab, senpai

awww, thank you giraffe bby <3